Quick Kits

A Whole Vibe in a box

Ivy the Vine is an online store of art inspired handmade jewelry. We offer "on-the-go” accessories to satisfy your busy agenda. Our products are paired well to make your quick runs...quicker. You are sure to find a kit or solo item to take the stress away from getting ready! We make deciding, easy.

Design on Purpose



  • Bodied by Jezebel

    In her eyes, I saw lust betray me… The way she looked in the mirror, and stared…lipstick blurred. I knew I hadn’t a chance. Confidence lightly shadowed her skin with a glow I had only seen once before ; secretly with my own eyes. Self-proclaimed, she adorned her body with crystal beads, braided her hair with salt, and painted her entire body with passion marks. Bolden eyes, and softened lips… she looked like no other. She was in love with herself . Their mouths watered but the thought filled their hearts with dis- ease.

  • Planet Us | Planted Us

    She who giveth birth, the grandest antiquated earth, born soil-rich, but tall to none… rooted tree turned back to dirt… can’t reach those heavens, far too gone, leaves from branches…deadly fall, recycled essence of thine pains are now engraved, the master-slave… eternal seed now master to us all.